Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Spiritual feast

Tonight was the first day of our CO visit. It was a great meeting, with lots of encouragement and beaming faces.
My kids were very well behaved, and i got lots of compliments for them. I spoke to 2 brothers that ive seen, but never had the chance to say hello to. One of my short term goals since the convention was to widen out, which was also mentioned tonight by our Circuit overseer.
I WAS going to go out in service tomorrow but i noticed that my tabs are expired and my car needs a good going over with a vaccuum...lol! Thats all i need, to get pulled over with a van full of brothers and sisters for expired tabs! I did make plans for friday tho, so that will be a good plan.
We still havent found Jaymie's glasses, im running out of places to look. Maybe they just completely disapeared.
I still havent learned much about my palm pilot, i guess you need a college course to really understand these things, as the manual doesnt really have good instructions. Strange but true!
Im still trying to find a good work from home job, with no leads. Everything seems to want some sort of payment, which doesnt make sense to me. Why would i pay someone to work for them? Thats insane!
I love the thought of a flower shop job, or Marykay without the purchase requirements, i dont want to be a pushy sales person, thats just not my style. So i think its down to getting a part time job, which isnt THAT bad, i just feel that i need to be home with my kids full time until they are at least in school. Im feeling pressure from our finances, and its a terrible feeling. Not that we didnt feel it before, it just didnt seem this stressful.
Well its bedtime for me, im gonna hit the hay.

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