Friday, August 14, 2009
Taking it easy.

Things have been great since we moved into our place. We ran into an issue with the water. To make a long story short- the water pump is in the creek, so we are buying our drinking water. The place needs alot of work, we are hoping we can offer the owners a down payment and make payments to them instead of a bank, a bank wont loan on a trailer that old. So we will see.
Ive been crocheting alot lately. I made a pair of mary jane slippers, i gave them to a sister without getting a picture, so im almost done with a second pair, will definetly post pics of those! Oh, my camera is "out of order" at the moment, so i will try to get a decent pic with my phone.
The kids are doing great, they LOVE the house, and the property. Even Jasmine has her little doggy yard, she can go outside without us worrying she will run into the road and get ran over.
So my plans to quit my job are set in stone (or in my mind, he he). I wrote out our bills and we will be just fine, we will definetly be simplifying, but it will work!
I have to work thru september to pay off straggler bills, but that is all fine :o)

On a much lighter note, i took the society's advice and stopped at a house on our way home from meeting on sunday 2 weeks ago. The lady was a very very nice person, she had just got out of treatment and looked for a higher power while she was there, but couldnt find one. She was frustrated because she had nobody to help her, so she was so excited that i had stopped by :o) And im excited that she accepted a bible study, we start tomorrow morning.
Ben went fishing with a few brothers this morning, he caught a nice salmon (i hear, i havent seen it yet) and i think he had a wonderful time!
Alex has been house/dog sitting for some friends for a week, her last day is saturday. Im glad she got to do it, life experience is much needed for our sheltered teenagers!
I have made arrangements to hostess a childrens group of sing songs to Jehovah as soon as we can either download the songs, or get the books and cd. A sister in our hall plays the piano, so im so excited about that!

I got the school clothes shopping out of the way, i spent so much money but Tyler and Jaymie are set, and i had to buy Jayson a few things too, all these kids are growing like weeds!!!  Beautiful little weeds i must say :o)
Lots of love going out to you all, i think about each one of you so often!

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Hi, im Ali.
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I am one of Jehovahs witness, i symbolized my dedication in March of 2001. My husband and I have made it a priority in our lives to raise our family according to Jehovahs laws and standards, and this has become a way of life and joy to us.

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